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How to Use Our Moving Calculator?

Our Innovative online removalist calculator is a free tool, which helps customers to estimate a flat rate moving quote within a few minutes. Please fill your moving requirements and specifications as accurately as possible, to receive a competitive quote. Quick and simple!

Our price estimator-cum-moving calculator is straightforward to use.

  • Enter the number of bedrooms in your house, the type of property you are in and the number of people living in the house.
  • Give us the detail about the access to the front door to the truck – a near approximate distance is sufficient.
  • Enter the name of the suburb from where you are moving.
  • Now enter the details of the drop-off location – the type of property, access to the front door from the truck and the name of the suburb.
  • Finally, enter your contact details and click ‘Calculate Now’.

We will email the quotation for your reference. It’s as simple as that.

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